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Manyou API .NET client



ManyouSession session = new ManyouSession(apikey, apisecret);


Me me = session.GetLoggedInUser();

User user = session.GetUserInfo(session.GetLoggedInUser().UId);

Friend[] f = session.GetFriends();

bool arefriends = session.AreFriends( session.GetLoggedInUser().UId, 1592626)

session.PublishTemplatizedAction("{actor} 阅读了 {book}", "{\"book\":\"男人的魅力\"}", "来自 读书吧 的用户为 {book} 打了 {num_stars} 分", "{\"book\":\"<a href=\\\"http:\\/\\/\\/men\\\">男人的魅力<\\/a>\",\"num_stars\":5}", "<my:name uid=\"1000439\" /> Ta 说 \"本书改变了我的人生\"", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");

string myml = session.GetMYML();


Notification n = session.GetNotification();

session.SendNotification(session.GetLoggedInUser().UId.ToString(), "hello world");

This is a opensource c-sharp client project for the manyou REST-like web can use it develop apps for Manyou Open Platform by csharp or other .NET languages.

NOTICE: for the iframe mode,it doesn't work on safari when redirect to another page from the callback page,because of the safari iframe cookie writing issue.

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